Training Days

Our next Puppy training days will be on the 9th March 2019

For all those planning to attend this weekend’s training due to the distemper outbreak, we are not taking any chances please make sure all dogs attending are up to date with their vaccinations and please bring their vaccination cards with. If you do not have your vaccinations cards with you, you will not be allowed to join the training.

Please keep your dogs in your vehicles till we have checked your certificates.

Training is for bird dogs of all ages with NO experience.

All dogs will be trained as if they are pups, the goal being to familiarize the dogs to birds, get them to point and back reliably with correct gun introduction.

We start at 7.00am SHARP, registration is at 6.30am at Frans’s farm. Please confirm via WhatsApp if you are attending by Wednesday  with Frans 0721007210 and for directions to his farm or any questions you may have.

What to bring:
Friends & their dogs
WATER for your dog & something for yourself
A long checkcord
A camping chair
R150 for your pigeons

We will see you there!

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