Registrations for the Studbook


The Clubs Studbook is open to SAFTC Members and non-members alike.

All British and Continental Breed Pointers and Setters are eligible for registration, on condition that the necessary information relating to the dog’s ancestry is provided and is acceptable to the Registrar.

An imported dog may be registered if a certified copy of its pedigree emanating from a recognised Controlling Authority from the Country of its Origin is provided with this application.

Application for registration with the SAFTC Studbook shall be made on the prescribed application form, which is available from the Secretary and or the Clubs Web site.

Dogs that are bred by artificial insemination may only be registered if a copy of a letter by the veterinary surgeon who conducted the insemination, is provided.

The Club may require a dog/s be D.N.A tested, at the expense of the applicant to put beyond doubt the parentage of any dog.

The Club is to be advised of the transfer of ownership of a registered dog.

A certified copy of the registered pedigree of a dog may be obtained from the Club at a fee.

Anyone may register and secure the sole right to a Kennel name for a period of 30 years, (at the prescribed fee,) that can be used as a prefix or affix to a dog’s name, A kennel name may be ceded to, or inherited by another person.

The SAFTC shall investigate any allegation, suspicion or complaint that a person has given false information for the registration of a dog. In the event of the Club finding that false information has indeed been given, the Club shall take steps against such person as it deems fit, including the refusing to register the dog also the removal of any dog from the Studbook which was registered by virtue of misrepresentation or false information.

The Club shall determine the registration and other fees applicable from time to time and shall publish them in its web site, at ( together with any amendments and or additions to these regulations.

Registration of any dog who’s parentage is unknown may present such dog by prior appointment with the Club Secretary, before three Senior Judges who shall decide whether or not the dog is true to type before registration can be effected.

Completed application forms can be emailed to Charmaine

Download application form here.

The fees as per the schedule on the application form are to be paid by EFT to THE SOUTH AFRICAN FIELD TRIAL CLUB.