SAFTC Settlers Trial Maiden & Championship 2017

The 2017 Settlers field trial as predicted were very exciting events, with plenty birds and lots of action, with the great dogs coming up trumps!

This year we reintroduced the Championship stake and to see the Clubs top dogs compete for the honour’s in this Stake was extremely rewarding for the handlers, judges and spectators alike.

“Thank you to Robby Zorrer and his Settlers committee for all the effort and work they put into organising this event.

Another big thank you goes to Mr Alistair Mc Lean for the use of the farms and clubhouse. Also to Mr Ferdie Smith and Mike Fynn for all their help.

Thank you to Mr Hendrik Groothof who once again offered the use of his farm.

A big word of thanks goes to all judges and field stewards for generously offering their time to help us.

To the wives, husbands and other family members of our Field Trialers… thank you for all the love and support we get from you even if you think we are crazy half the time, it means the world to us that you understand how important this is to us.

Good luck to every field trialer and his/her dogs. May all the time and work you as a team put in end in pride and joy.”

Frans Rosslee

President of SAFTC