Field Trialing


The types of events we run during the year are for different ages and stages of development of the dogs. To place at one of these events, you need a full house or 1 of each of the following:

Point: the dog adopts a rigid stance or drops to a motionless crouch indicating the presence of nearby game.

Back:  is the acknowledgment of a Point, of another dog which is in sight, by stopping instinctively, without scent of game.

Steady to flush or shot:  when the bird found is flushed, the dog should stand or sit and view the bird away no chasing is allowed, a blank is fired in the air to prove steadiness.


We host the following events throughout the year. Please see our up coming events page for more details

Puppy stake: are for any dog under the age of 12 months these trials are run for fun. The dogs are often not very disciplined and are awarded points for enthusiasm and promise as a potentially good hunting dog, drive to hunt and best chases. These dogs may get a full house but it is very rare.

Derby Stakes: are for any dog who is under two years of age and has not been placed in a previous trial, because these dogs are still young the judges are lenient and forgiving of some errors but to be placed the dog still has to have a find or point, a back and be steady to flush/shot.

Maiden Stake: is any dog over the age of two years and has not been placed in previous trial. These dogs should be well trained but if not remain in this category till they earn a place and move up to the championship. To be placed they need a full house of a point, back and steady to shot, if they do not achieve all three they may be given a certificate of merit if their work is deemed good enough by the judges.

Brace Stake: is an event open to any age dog but the handler must enter a brace of dogs belonging to him/her that are run at the same time by that handler. This is different as all the other trials you run against another handler and their dog, here the judges are judging both the dogs and the handler as a team.

Championship Stake: is for the top dogs to qualify you would have to have been placed in the maiden stake, these dogs are beautiful to watch. Every dog should get a full house with ease, but those that bring the magic win. What that magic is depends on the day, the conditions, the birds, the dog and the handler.

Open Stake: is for dogs of all ages and qualification, giving junior dogs and handlers chance to run with and against experienced handlers and dogs

The St. Hubert: is the only event of its kind in the country. Based on the very prestigious St Hubert competition in Europe where dog and handler gets judged together as a hunting team.